Brock’s Buck

Brock was born with a life-threatening heart condition and has had to undergo several heart surgeries. He has some limitations but is able to live a fairly normal life. Spending time with Brock you quickly notice his excitement and passion for hunting. The Muley Fanatic Foundation receives commissioner tags from the Wyoming Fish & Game Commission to take kids with life-threatening illnesses hunting. Brock was a 2022 recipient of one of these tags. Brock was very excited for this opportunity, growing up in the area he knew the potential of getting a great buck. John Grossnickle a Muley Fanatic member has volunteered his time to help with these hunts, and spent some time out scouting, and was able to locate a couple nice deer. With lots of excitement Brock, his dad Ryan, John and I set out to get “Brock’s Buck”