2022 Film Festival

Film Festival

Welcome to the 2022 Western Hunter Film Festival!

April 2022 - March 2023

Submissions Closed Submissions will be accepted until 2/28/23

Stay Current & vote

Spread the word, the Western Hunter Film Festival is back. Stay up to date as films get submitted, sponsors get released, and prizes packages get announced. We will be releasing more info and opening up for submissions soon. The list of items you can win just for signing up is continuing to grow.

How it Works

We’ve organized the Film Festival to be a fun and entertaining event, whether you’ve entered a film for competition or simply want to enjoy watching the submissions and participate as a member of the voting public to help determine the winning films.

  1. Submit Your Film (2020 or Newer)

    Submitting a film is quick and easy. Simply visit the Submit A Film link below, carefully read and accept the rules, fill out the required information, and paste the YouTube or Vimeo link to your film. Submissions will be accepted until 2/28/23

  2. Watch and Share

    Film entries will be uploaded to their respective category sections on this page in batches as we receive them. Visit frequently to view submissions and if you’ve entered a film, tell your friends and followers to generate awareness in preparation for the public voting period.

  3. Public Voting

    The public voting period will begin to determine the top 5 finalists in each category. Each public voter will be allowed to cast 1 vote per video per category to distribute amongst their favorite films. We will be promoting the event heavily during this period to draw as many views and votes as possible. So make sure to register to get notified.

  4. Industry Judges Voting

    After public voting has closed, the panel of industry judges below will vote to determine the winners in each category.

  5. Winners Announced and Prize Packages Awarded!

Submission Rules & Guidelines

Incredible Prizes For All!

Winning Film Prizes

We have compiled over $45,000 worth of prizes for Film Fest winning videos and voters. Each Film Fest winner will walk away with a ridiculous amount of amazing gear from all over the industry to completely revamp their gear lists.

Voter Prizes

Every single registered voter who casts a vote for their favorite film will be automatically entered in to win 20+ different prizes from our sponsors. All prizes will be released soon.

Featured Finalist Judges

We’ve assembled the panel of industry judges below to determine the winners of the 2022-23 Western Hunter Film Festival.

Nate Simmons

The Western Hunter

Chris Denham

The Western Hunter

Randy Rockey

The Western Hunter

Jordan Budd

Content Creator

Remi Warren


Jordan Jonas

Alone Season 6 Winner

Jason Phelps

Phelps Game Calls

Zack Boughton

Stone Glacier

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