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2024 Winners


Professional Short


A business deal turned friendship that has lasted over thirty years. It continues to spark new friendships, bring people together, and create memories that will live on forever. This is the Dove Hunt Legacy.

Professional Long

Dirty Devil

Jerrod Lile takes on the challenge of an archery-only desert bighorn sheep tag in December. This tag was intended to be a tough harvest, and it proves to be even more difficult than expected. Join the team as they help Jerrod on his once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

Amateur Long

The Long Game

Hunting rutting whitetails in the wilderness seemed like a great way to introduce our stock to hunting in the west. After years of training our young green mules, it was finally time to take them on a hunt. We love where we live and hunt in our home state of Idaho, but most of the country we travel on foot is far from inviting to green stock and novice packers. Instead we wanted to start out by taking our mules into welcoming terrain in hopes of making the process a positive experience for everyone involved. The hunt ended up exceeding our expectations and we couldn’t have been more surprised by the whitetail bucks we ended up harvesting.

Amateur Short


With less than 4% draw odds, Jess somehow pulls a coveted Nevada archery Mule Deer tag.

Our focus for hunting season shifted to this tag immediately. A summer scouting trip with friends who knew the area gave us confidence by seeing nice bucks and we had a good starting point come season opener.

As August rolled around and 10 days allotted for this hunt, we headed south – finding target bucks the very first night. But, as big bucks do, they didn’t cooperate by either bedding in tough stalking terrain or not presenting shots as they left their beds that Jess stalked in on. After many days and multiple attempts to notch an out of state tag – dirty, dusty, sunburned, and tired Jess was able to hang her tag on one of the original bucks from the first night in Nevada.