Submission Guidelines

Category Determination:

To ensure accurate entry into the proper Film Fest competitive category, please refer to the list of qualifications below. Western Hunter reserves the right to move or disqualify any films that are later determined to belong to a different category. If you have any questions or concerns about which category your film should be entered into, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If the film meets one or more of the criteria below, it shall be considered a Professional Film:

  • Hunter(s), videographer(s), and/or editor(s) were paid in real money for their appearance, promotion of a product, and/or post-production work in/on the film.
  • The film was produced by a professional filmmaker.
  • The film was produced by a major brand in the hunting market.
  • The film was created with the intention of direct monetization beyond YouTube ad revenue at a later date (Film Fest prizes excluded).

Films that do not meet any of the criteria above shall be considered Amateur. For additional clarity on allowable criteria for Amateur status, see below:

  • Amateur: Hunter(s) in the film may receive promotional products or discounts in trade for brand exposure, yet no direct monetization agreements exist with regard to the film. Product placement and/or on-screen sponsor logos may pass as amateur if the film was not a paid project.
  • Amateur: Input, guidance, and/or feedback from a professional editor/filmmaker during the filmmaking process is allowed so long as the professional did not do any actual work on the film.

Content Guidelines:

Films may be rejected at the discretion of Western Hunter for any reason. Films should display hunting in a tasteful manner. All hunting activity and practices in the film shall fall within the laws of the state/season in which it took place. Acts of unlawful activity, disrespect to the land/animals/fellow outdoorsmen, and/or excessive poor judgement beyond typical hunting mistakes will likely result in denied acceptance.

Additional Agreements:

Entrants are limited to submitting one film to the Film Festival competition. If you have multiple qualifying films available, choose your entry strategically and wisely.

Submitted films must be from hunts that took place during 2021, 2022, or 2023 hunting seasons.

Films must be uploaded with a Public viewing status on Vimeo or YouTube prior to submission (we will use an embedded version of your original upload for Film Fest purposes).

By submitting a film, you grant permission to Western Hunter to share and/or re-purpose the film or parts of the film for Film Fest event marketing purposes.

Western Hunter reserves the right to adjust critical Film Fest dates and/or rules at any time.

All Film Fest entrants agree to sign up for the Western Hunter Newsletter (email), which contains weekly Western Hunter brand marketing, including occasional Film Fest updates.

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