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After long deliberation, the finalists for the Amateur Short category have been selected to the five videos below. This category is all about entertainment and bringing you along on their hunting adventure.

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Amateur Short Finalist

Quest for Velvet

By Martin Fox

Film of my 2020 high country archery hunt. The scouting paid off and I ultimately harvested my biggest buck to date! He ended up scoring 195”! Excited to share this with you!

Amateur Short Finalist

Solo Filming on a mule with a pack of hounds

By Born 100 Years Too Late

Not sure you can use it but this is a compilation of clips over many years of me trying to self fim while hunting Mountain Lions in the South West. If some needs to be cut out you can or let me know so I can. I hope you can use it if not I hope you at least enjoy watching it. Thanks!

Amateur Short Finalist

Seeking Redemption

By Late to the Game Outdoors

In 2019, I went on my first out of state hunt ever to chase screaming bulls with my bow in Colorado. In 2020, I decided to head back to the same area in hopes of finding some redemption and putting a CO bull elk on the ground. What I found was the same adventure bowhunting always offers…the opportunity to continue adapting as you try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Amateur Short Finalist

“Pressure” Utah State Record Archery Buffalo

By Elusive Outdoors

Chase drew the coveted Henry Mountain bison tag! Follow along as he spends multiple days chasing these amazing animals. All in all it was an incredible hunt full of heart ache and close encounters. It all paid off in the end as he was able to harvest the 2019 State record buffalo, the bull was also number four in the world with a bow

Amateur Short Finalist

The Alaskan Escape

By Backcountry Bowhunter

A DIY Alaskan Moose hunt during a world pandemic and national riots.