Amateur Short Submissions

Amateur Short Submission

Unfamiliar Ground

By Danielle Peacon

My cousin, Josh Schulgen, a desert sheep, mule deer, and elk guide finally got to be the guy behind the trigger on this hunt. Josh has taught me about mule deer since I was little, and now, I got the chance to watch him take one of the best bucks of his life. With the changing weather and navigating new ground, our determination was put to the test on this epic hunt. Enjoy!

Amateur Short Submission

Beating The Odds

By Young Guns TV

Join me as I pursue pronghorn antelope with a bow for the first time. It was a long and difficult hunt full of blown stalks and many learning points. Eventually, I was able to beat the odds and harvest a pronghorn buck.

Amateur Short Submission

Broken and Special

By Joel Proffit

This video is a modern day parable in which the author and filmmaker make a correlation between a broken bull and a broken life. The hurt, the heartache of life’s trials can break a person down, but just like this bull was special to the hunter, each of us are special to Jesus!

Amateur Short Submission

Prayed For Bull

By The Hunt Project

This self-filmed, early October, hunt takes place in far Northern Alberta. Hunter, Todd Stroud and Canadian guide, Kyler Knelson met a few years back and formed a friendship that is evident in this epic journey for a “Prayed for Bull.” The Hunt Project is proud to call Todd Stroud one of our own!

Amateur Short Submission

8 Feet & Closing – A Gila NM Archery Elk Hunt

By Jonathan Ryan

My 2022 public land archery elk hunt in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico looked discouraging at the outset. However, persistence paid off and conditions improved over several days.

Multiple encounters finally resulted in an incredible hunting experience, culminating in an extremely close-quarters frontal shot, executed at 8 feet.