Hunting rutting whitetails in the wilderness seemed like a great way to introduce our stock to hunting in the west. After years of training our young green mules, it was finally time to take them on a hunt. We love where we live and hunt in our home state of Idaho, but most of the country we travel on foot is far from inviting to green stock and novice packers. Instead we wanted to start out by taking our mules into welcoming terrain in hopes of making the process a positive experience for everyone involved. The hunt ended up exceeding our expectations and we couldn’t have been more surprised by the whitetail bucks we ended up harvesting.

Bear Hunting (Baylee’s First Archery Bear)

By Young Guns TV

Join us as Baylee embarks on a 4-year long journey to get her first archery bear with her dad by her side . It was a difficult, but fun journey.

When You Need It Most

By Target Reference Point

Our father passed on September 3, 2023 and this five-by-seven drop-tine bull was taken on September 15, 2003. Sometimes you just need a win to bring life back into the season! Please follow along on this short journey to a special moment that helped put the drive back into our family’s stressful hunting season.

Silent Bulls


DIY backcountry archery elk hunt in Idaho on public land.

Final Cut – Mountain Goat Project

By Jim Paul

Turning dreams into memories!

The last 3 years chasing mountain goats has been absolutely incredible!

In total? Well, 240hrs driving, 10,632km traveled, 9 hotels, 28 nights away from home, 28 nights spent in a tent on the mountain (in some of the wildest weather British Columbia could throw at us), 4 float planes, 2 boats, Countless vertical miles burning boot leather going up and down mountain after mountain!

I’ve pushed my body further than I ever thought possible, some days to exhaustion. Weathered out countless storms under a tarp. Spent 6 straight days in a tent weathering out a snowstorm. The mental game can be real some days. There were times when I was scared, in some *dicey situations. Times when I was down on myself, hard on myself. Times I’ve been overwhelmed with happiness and fulfillment.

My dream was to harvest a mountain goat and I got more than I could have ever thought imaginable!

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