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Bear hunting Idaho spring bear episode 4 Wyatts first bear

By Brendon Ash

Hunting spring bear with my 11 year old son

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Breaking The Curse

By Late to the Game Outdoors

After four years chasing black bears in Arizona with nothing but bad weather, broken vehicles, and zero bears to show for it, it was starting to feel like I had some sort of legitimate bear curse. On the last day of the second leg of our spring hunt, my good friend Josh Kirchner set up on a bear that was his to shoot, then handed me his rifle to give me my first bear. In the moment, I almost couldn’t fathom what was happening. But after harvesting that bear and packing him back to camp, I felt like the curse was finally lifted and I owe it all to a good friend and the willingness to keep grinding.

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Kodiak: Alpine Blacktail

By The Hunter's Quest

Hunter McWaters, host / producer of The Hunter’s Quest, heads to Kodiak Island Alaska with two buddies in his debut hunt film in search of adventure and Sitka Blacktail Bucks. The trio hop aboard a sea plane, landing on a high alpine lake in mid-August in a drop-camp style backcountry hunt, a unique time to experience Kodiak in all its lush green glory. You don’t want to miss the raw emotion and adventure in this hunt, culminating in an epic double at the end, one of which being the 11th largest Sitka Blacktail ever taken on record on Kodiak Island.

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The Blind Eye Buck

By Backcountry Bowhunter

How do you kill a deer that literally knows every move you make? The Blind Eye Buck was that kind of a deer! Watch Brett go after one of the smartest deer he’s ever hunted. A deer that actually had him patterned.

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2021 B.C. Mountain Goat Hunt – Rob’s First Goat

By BCExtremeOutdoorsman

Rob and I have been hunting for almost 10 years together and he has always wanted to harvest a Mountain Goat. It has been a rocky road over the years, with a lot of ups and downs in trying to seal the deal on a Goat. So In 2021 we decided to make it a priority and try a new area that is known for an abundance and good quality sized goats. Follow along on our journey as Rob fulfills his dream and harvests a nice B.C. Mountain Goat. Thanks for watching.

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ABSOLUTE – Solo Backcountry Bowhunting for Mule Deer

By Dialed in Hunter

“ABSOLUTE” is a film that documents my 2022 solo backcountry bowhunting trip for mule deer in Utah. It’s a hunt that reminds me to soak up these tough adventures, because one day I won’t be able to.

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Sticken Pronghorns: Another first in the books.

By Chad Scott

After years of waiting to draw tags for Wyoming pronghorn we were finally on our way to put the smack down on a speed goat.

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Basin Bulls

By Mtn2coast Outdoors

10-day backcountry OTC archery elk hunt. Jake and I called in several bulls while hunting out of our backpacks. On the evening of night 5, we strolled into a new basin and had an incredible experience with bulls screaming all around us. Hammered a bull at 24 yards

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Dall Sheep 2022

By Aaron Nelson

Hunting Dall Sheep in the Alaska range 2022