Final Cut – Mountain Goat Project

Turning dreams into memories!

The last 3 years chasing mountain goats has been absolutely incredible!

In total? Well, 240hrs driving, 10,632km traveled, 9 hotels, 28 nights away from home, 28 nights spent in a tent on the mountain (in some of the wildest weather British Columbia could throw at us), 4 float planes, 2 boats, Countless vertical miles burning boot leather going up and down mountain after mountain!

I’ve pushed my body further than I ever thought possible, some days to exhaustion. Weathered out countless storms under a tarp. Spent 6 straight days in a tent weathering out a snowstorm. The mental game can be real some days. There were times when I was scared, in some *dicey situations. Times when I was down on myself, hard on myself. Times I’ve been overwhelmed with happiness and fulfillment.

My dream was to harvest a mountain goat and I got more than I could have ever thought imaginable!