Professional Long Submissions

Professional Long Submission

Horseback Hunting Tian Sian “The Mountains of Heaven”


Ryan Efurd travels to Kyrgyzstan to pursue a life long dream of hunting from horseback for Mid – Asian Ibex and Hume Argali in the ruggedly beautiful Tian Shan Mountains. This hunt was outfitted by Vladimir Treshchov who played a pivotal role in the opening of sheep hunting to Westerners in the former Soviet Union over 30 years ago. Kyrgyzstan surpassed Ryan’s greatest expectations.

Professional Long Submission

2021 Alaska DIY Moose Hunt | Two Bulls Down

By Her Outdoor Journey

Join us on this adventure as we navigate moose hunting for the first time. Not only was this hunt epically fun, but we also got engaged, packed out over 1,000 pounds of meat, and shared the trek with our 12 year old son.