Professional Long Submissions

Professional Long Submission

A Full Measure

By Eberlestock

A Full Measure is not only the story of a life changing sheep hunt in the Brooks range of Alaska, it’s an introduction to Eberlestock’s founder Glen Eberle. Olympian, former fighter pilot and founder of Eberlestock.
Glen has achieved more than most during his life, none of which has lessened his desire to ‘Get Out There’ and find adventure wherever he can.
In short, this film is about Glen proving he has yet to give his Last Full Measure of effort.

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Stag Island

By Backcountry Bowhunter

Coming in at #3 on his bucket list, Brett goes after GIANT Red Stag in New Zealand with his bow and arrow.

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TWO BULLS DOWN – 2022 Idaho Archery Elk

By Steep Kuntry Outdoors

This film follows a father and son duo who have been able to rekindle their passion in the elk woods together to grow their relationship. Together they make a duo that is able to take down two bull elk in two weekends of hunting.

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By Alpine Carnivore

On part 1 of this year’s mountain mule deer hunt, Mitch and Trav head out to BC’s region 3 to scout out a new location to begin their 7-day hunting expedition. Having only e-scouted the area, they decide to spend the first day glassing over multiple hill sides and jumping from one spot to the next looking for sign and deer. As luck would have it, it doesn’t take long before they start spotting legal bucks.

Watch Part II Here

Watch Part III Here

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By Pedro De Ampuero

The Scottish highlands are an iconic place for all the passionate red stag hunters in the world. In this adventure we experienced a hunt with some of the most knowledgeable stalkers in the world, and learned about why this traditional way of hunting existence is currently threatened… are the red deer the problem? Join us to learn more about Scotland, their deer and its people.