Stag Culture – Germany

By Mau-Kai Media

Embark on the first episode of STAG CULTURE SEASON 2 as we delve into the enchanting forests of Uckemark in Northern Germany! This episode marks the realization of a long-standing dream, bringing you an authentic hunting experience immersed in the rich traditions of Germany.

Since the inception of this series, hunting in Germany has been a personal goal, and through the connections of a dear friend, we’ve made it happen. Prepare to be captivated by the meticulous management practices and the exceptional quality of red deer in this remarkable region.

After tireless efforts and intense hunting sessions, our dedication pays off with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – the sighting of the largest deer I have ever laid eyes upon. A true free-range old monarch, this majestic creature embodies the essence of the wild.

Dirty Devil

By Huntin' Fool

In Utah, you only get one shot at harvesting a desert sheep. If you strike out, you’re done. Jerrod Lile swung for the fences when he put in for an archery-only tag that took place during the most difficult season, in one of the toughest units… December in the Dirty Devil.

On a Razor’s Edge

By Bow Spider

The bow spider crew takes on Kodiak for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Join In for this amazing adventure.

COACH | OTC Rifle Elk Hunt in Colorado

By HuntStand

Tagging a Colorado bull elk on public land with an OTC tag has become one of the most notoriously difficult big game hunts in the country. After three years of DIY close encounters, Will Cooper is geared up with a fresh game plan. This time around, he trades his bow for a rifle, but he’s also prepared to level the playing field with a secret weapon: Jermaine Hodge.

As a former World Elk Calling Champion and wrestling coach for the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program, Hodge is a force to reckon with in the elk woods. It doesn’t take long for Cooper to realize there’s no magic bullet for success in this match — you just need to dig deep to pin down the king of the mountain.

Shovels to Shotguns

By Harrod Outdoors

This short film is about firefighters who have built and maintained special friendships that will last a lifetime. Rich Harrod joined long-time firefighting colleagues Kent Contreras, Keith Wakefield, and Bob Shindelar for a much less urgent outing. The Pend Oreille River in northeast Washington is a waterfowl magnet and provides a perfect setting for close friends to enjoy time together in the blind. The ducks and geese keep the guys engaged between stories of days gone by.

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