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After long deliberation, the finalists for the Pro Long category have been selected to the five videos below. Buckle up and get ready for some amazing cinematography, captivating stories, and aspirational hunting films.

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Professional Long Finalist

The Wind & The Wolves

By Jesse Bone

Throughout North America, a hunter’s first buck often represents a right of passage — for many, it is a modern coming of age story. The passing of knowledge from generation to generation, securing food for the table and embarking on the life-long path of being a hunter.

In “The Wind and the Wolves” we follow Matt Ward’s passage through this age-old tradition under the guidance of seasoned mountain guide and outfitter Ben Stourac. In the Fraser Canyon of British Columbia, Matt grapples at odds with the elements that so often conspire against us, the patience needed, the weather, and the Mule deer that call these mountains home.

Professional Long Finalist

Idaho Bighorn Sheep Hunt

By Running Water Media

We follow Julie Chapman of Graveyard Hunt Club into the Idaho backcountry on a Bighorn Sheep Hunt of a lifetime. Julie purchased the Governor’s tag for Idaho at the 2020 Wild Sheep Foundation Show in Reno, NV.

Professional Long Finalist

A Day in the Brooks

By Bow Spider

Owner and founder of Bow Spider travels to Alaska in search of adventure. Following in the great foot steps of mighty hunters, like Jack O’Conner, Fred Bear, and Theodore Roosevelt. Documenting the experience and capturing a glimpse of the wonder and majesty of Alaska thru the eyes of a hunter. Join him as the adventure unfolds!

Professional Long Finalist

Bowhunting Sindh Ibex in Pakistan Following in my Dad’s Footsteps

By Pedro De Ampuero

I travel to the southern part of Pakistan following my dad’s footsteps 27 years later, in pursue of Sindh Ibex. An incredible journey full of preconceived ideas where I get to discover a new culture, a new mountain range and a new way of hunting.

Destinity brought me to the exact same valley, with the exact same guide my dad hunted with decades ago, proving that many things have changed these days, but some have remain the same.

Professional Long Finalist

Trav’s First Goat | Cassiar Mountain Range

By Alpine Carnivore

On Trav’s first goat hunt in the Cassiar mountain range, the Alpine Carnivore team heads into the wilderness of Northern British Columbia in search of Mountain Goat. The floatplane drops them off on an unnamed lake just south of the Yukon border for a 21-day expedition in the heart of Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, and Grizzly bear Country. This is a do-it-yourself hunt the team will never forget!